How to Find a Person by Name in Pennsylvania

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How to Find a Person by Name in Pennsylvania

Finding someone using a name online is one of the easiest and common search activities you can find. Knowing where and which website to go for might be the tricky part. This article will help you on how to find a person by name in Pennsylvania.

Name searches normally work better if you have more than just the name to look up with. Information like middle name, age, location can help narrow down your results significantly. That way you will avoid having to go through unnecessary result which will only be wasting your time.

Google is one highly utilized search tool all over the world. You can try a search from here too. Searches on Google are ideal for people who are famous or well known. Including the above mentioned details like middle name, age and location can do the trick on a Google search.

To search, just type the name on the search bar on Google and search. Remember to incorporate the other details on your search.

Searching for Someone in Pennsylvania on Social Media Platforms

Your best bet when it comes to people searches in Pennsylvania in this day and age would be social media. These websites are widely used in today’s society for communication and business activities. It might happen that the person you are looking up is affiliated to one or more of these platforms.  Searching on them can only increase your chances of finding them.

The most prominent of these are Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Searches on them are totally free. They all have a search bar where you can conduct your search from. Result are returned instantly on a search from these sites.

To search, type in the name of the person on the search bar of the social site of your choice and search. From the results that follow, choose the one you are looking for and click on it. You will be directed to the person’s profile where there will be details on them.

Possible result from a social media name lookup include photos, posts, physical addresses, email addresses, place of employment, education background, date of birth, contact details, close relatives and friends and more.

Social media sites also allow searches using an email address or a username/ nickname. Some people are better known by their nicknames so they decide to use them on such platforms. You might try searching with one if you know it on the person.

Email addresses are more precise as they only return one outcome which is of the owner. A lot of people use email addresses when signing up on these platforms. If you are familiar with the person’s email address, you can try a search with it on the search bar.

Searching for Someone in Pennsylvania on People Search Sites

People search sites are a great way to find information on people. These sites gather information on people to offer it online for free. Examples of such sites are white pages search sites. They aggregate phonebook information to offer it for free online. A name search on these sites will return the address and contact details on someone instantly. White pages sites that you can try out are 411, 50 States, White Pages, AnyWho and Addresses.

All these sites have a name search box where you can fill in the name of the person you want to locate plus their location and search. There are also links to numerous state, cities, and towns found in the United States from these sites. If you are familiar with the city or town where the person might be, you can select the it and start your search from there.

Searching for Someone in Pennsylvania on Public Records Sites

Information on people such as vital records (birth, marriage, death, divorce records) are considered public records by the laws of the United States. This means they are accessible to the public. There are websites that gather and offer these records online for public access. These are mostly third party websites. Third party websites to try out for public records information can be Pub Records, Pennsylvania Courts, Pennsylvania State Records and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Public records are government records and can mostly be source from the custodians of such records. Vital records for example, are kept by the Department of Health in every state in the United State. You can also source them from the County Clerk’s Office if you are familiar with where the records were taken.

They can be obtained through mail or by visiting the offices in person. You will need to first get in contact with the office in order to find out what requirements are necessary to get these records.

These are some of the ways on how to find a person by name in Pennsylvania. There are a number of them so as to enable you to search from a wider range of sources.