How to Find Divorce Records in Pennsylvania

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How to Find Divorce Records in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania divorce records are public documents. They can be found at the Office of the Secretary of State, which is located in the state capital and other locations around Pennsylvania. The records are released to anyone who requests them. You can keep reading if you want to know how to find divorce records in Pennsylvania.

In order to request your divorce record, you will need to fill out a form available online or at any county courthouse. The form should include your name and address along with a copy of your ID. You must also provide a phone number where you can be reached during business hours so that someone from the court system may contact you if further information is needed about your request for divorce records in Pennsylvania.

How long does it take for my divorce record search? 

Most cases in Pennsylvania are handled through their courts within three months of when they occur; however, this time frame varies depending on numerous factors such as: how complex the case was, whether there were children involved, etc… Once submitted for processing by the court system in PA, it usually takes ten days for the information to be processed and sent to you.

How much does it cost to get a divorce record in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania courts charge a fee for the search of your records, which is based on how many pages of documents you are requesting along with how quickly you need them released. The amount that you pay will depend on whether or not there were children involved in your case and what county court where the divorce took place occurred.

It is also important to note that if you wish copies of your marriage certificate, birth certificates, or death certificates included with your request for divorce records in PA, then this additional fee must be paid as well. You may contact the Office of the Secretary of State to request an estimate regarding these fees before submitting your request online.

What can I do if I don’t get my divorce record results back within ten days?

If there have been any errors made during processing, then they will be sent back to the county court where your divorce took place. There is no need to contact the Office of the Secretary of State or any other agency regarding these errors as they will not be able to help you with this issue.

What are the differences between a divorce certificate and divorce records?

Divorce certificates contain information about the parties involved in your case. They may include names, addresses, and dates of marriage. Divorce records contain all of this information along with any other relevant documents pertaining to your case such as petitions, orders, decrees, or judgments that were issued by the court system.

How do I get my divorce certificate back from Pennsylvania?

You can request a copy of your divorce record from the county where you filed for divorce. You will need to fill out an application at their local courthouse and provide them with a copy of your ID. If you think that there may be errors made during processing, then you should contact them immediately so they can investigate these issues for you. They will not be able to help if there is no error made on their part during processing; however, they will try to accommodate any requests regarding this matter as much as possible!

I need my divorce record from Pennsylvania, but I can’t afford to pay the fees. Can you help me?

Yes! There are several organizations that will help you obtain your divorce certificate for a fee. We recommend looking into these organizations before contacting us as they may not be able to assist with this process. You can also look into free white pages to figure out how to find divorce records in Pennsylvania.

Can I get a copy of my divorce record if I am in jail?

Unfortunately, you cannot request copies of your records while you are incarcerated at any Pennsylvania correctional facility or local jail. You will have to wait until after your release date before requesting this information from the court system in PA.

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