How to do a Business Search in Pennsylvania

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How to do a Business Search in Pennsylvania

Finding the best supplier of a particular service you are looking for is an integral part of better living. Finding the best name that has not been taken to name your business is just as important as it can make you stand out among your competitors. But in order to do that, you will need to find out information to make an informed choice. With these methods on how to do a business search in Pennsylvania, you stand a chance of finding that out.

The above mentioned scenarios are some of the situations that may compel someone to do a business name search. There are numerous other reasons, but the bottom line is being able to do so. The ideas listed below are meant to make finding a business in Pennsylvania simple.

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo can help you find information on a business. The problem with searches from them is that, their information is limited. They can reveal the business location and offer directions to it but that’s it.

The same can be said about white pages sites. They do offer business searches but with limited details. If that is what you are looking for, then searches on these sources are the way to go. All searches on them are totally free.

The Secretary of State Website

You can look up any business entity in Pennsylvania as well as other states through the Secretary of State website. This can be done on the Secretary of State website from the location or state where that business is registered. You can use it to also find out if a particular business name is available. The website has no ties with any government agency and does not charge for searches conducted on it.

To search for a business entity (corporation, LLC, Limited Partnership) using the Pennsylvania Secretary of State website, enter the business name or entity number on the search bar found on the site and search. Searches can be performed with a name and ID Number. With name searches, you will need to describe the business vividly because the database will give results of all matching listings.

With your ID Number search, you have the opportunity to order certified documents and certificate of good standing. After filling your search information, you will get the result from your search.

The results will give you the business entity names, entity number, type, status and entity creation date. This information will help you pick the one you want. To view all information that the Secretary of State has on the business entity that you are looking up, click on the name of the business under Business Entity Name.

This will reveal all information on file on the company. You will find details like name history, number, status, incorporation date, state of formation officers (president, VP, treasurer), Principal Office Address, Registered Agent (name and address). You will also be given the option to view previous filing on the company through the ‘Business Filing Entity History’ located at the top of the page.

The Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations

Another method to get business information in Pennsylvania would be to call the Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations. Due to the usually high number of calls that the bureau receives, the customer service department may only accept two business entity names per call.

Searches with a business name and entity number can reveal records rather than name owner or officer’s name. You can get the precise business name, entity number, effective date, filing date, status, business type, general partners or fictitious name owners from a search.

To get in touch with the bureau, you can call (717) 787-1057. The phone lines are open from 0800 hrs to 1645 hrs.

Written requests can be made by sending a letter to the bureau at:

Department of State

Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations

PO Box 8722


PA 17105-8722

Registering a Business in Pennsylvania

To register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Pennsylvania, you will need to conduct a business name search. You will also be expected to follow the business naming guidelines and fill in the LLC registration documents. That way you will fully and officially register your company.

The Pennsylvania Department of State Business Entity Search is highly recommended if you are looking to verify that your business name is unique, available and distinguishable from any other. In cases whereby the business name you want to use has several words in it, it is recommended that you search with the first two words. This will ensure that all similar possible names show up on your search.

It will also be a good idea to lookup trademarks and domain names as you conduct your search for an entity name.

The methods and ways on how to do a business search in Pennsylvania discussed here are meant to give guidance on business entity searches in Pennsylvania. Try them out and find that business entity that you need to locate.