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About Us

Overview/Who We Are

Pennsylvanialookup.org was created to make searching for people in Pennsylvania easier. With a population of over 7 million, people searches have increased in Pennsylvania over the years. Pennsylvanialookup.org has created numerous search engines (white pages search engine included) to help carry out searches in this state.

Our goal is to make available easily accessible data that can be used to find people using whatever piece of info you have with you.

What can I use Pennsylvanialookup.org for?

You can use this site for any of the following:

  • Find current phone numbers and addresses in Pennsylvania cities and counties
  • Search for and fins family, friends, colleagues and classmates
  • See who owns a phone number (Reverse phone search)
  • Reconnect with loved ones, friends and family
  • See who owns an address (Reverse address search)
  • Do background checks
  • Use birth date to find people (birthday searches)
  • Do business searches
  • Obituary searches
  • Inmate searches


Why choose PennsylvaniaLookup.org?

We provide ways to do searches specific to Pennsylvania. This will help you quickly narrow down your search. This means that the results for your search will be limited to Pennsylvania-related info, which makes it easy to locate the person you’re looking for.

Trusted Sources

All data provided on PennsylvaniaLookup pertaining to people is official info also made available on public databases such as public records. This means that no information found on the site is false or fabricated.

Full Results

On this site, we conduct more thorough searches than general search engines where you get general results, so our search results are more accurate. You will receive results including the person’s first and last names, physical address, and telephone number where you can reach them.

PennsylvaniaLookup.org and all people search results are optimized to be viewed on mobile and desktop and mobile. This eliminates the need to install apps for viewing the site on mobile. For support or inquiries, you can contact us at info@pennsylvanialookup.org  visit our contact-us page.

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Address:332 Budfield St, Johnstown, PA 15904, United States
Telephone:(814) 667 5514